Kid’s Birthday Parties

We’re kicking birthday parties up a notch, and the secret ingredients are food and fun! Book your party today, and let’s get cooking!

Our Kid’s Birthday Party Options

Little Buds Birthday Party

Calling all kid chefs! Choose the theme that fits your celebration best, and get ready to pour, measure and stir to create a food-filled adventure with kid-friendly recipes that even the pickiest eaters will love.

» AGES 4 – 6

» 1.5 HOURS

» $495.00+

Junior Buds Birthday Party

Enough of the same ol’-same ol’ predictable birthday party? Let us whip things up a bit and give you a supersized portion of food and fun! Add a dash of friendly competition with one of our challenge themes, and get ready to throw down in the kitchen!

» AGES 7 – 12


» $595.00+

Teen Buds Birthday Party

Looking for a party theme that your teens won’t turn their noses up at? We’ve got you covered! Our cooking parties provide 2 hours of serious fun that can hold up under the scrutiny of teen guests. Taking inspiration from tv, to really spice things up, make it a challenge or bake-off!

» AGES 13 – 17


» $65.00 / person

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids' Birthday Parties

Learn How it Works!

Do you make accommodations for food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Please know that we are NOT an allergy-free or nut-free facility. Remember, while the recipes can be modified, we are not an allergy-free facility for modified ingredients. We do, however, have the ability to cater an entire event to accommodate different dietary needs/restrictions, including gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and vegan. For your safety, individual adjustments cannot be made at an event that is open to the public. There may be an additional charge for dietary accomodations. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

When should I arrive for my child’s birthday party?

If you are hosting a party, please do not start gathering inside until 10 minutes before the scheduled party time. We may be clearing out from a prior event and preparing for yours.  You may arrive earlier and wait outside.  Time management is very important since we run back-to-back events.  Please stress to your guests the importace of being on time.  If we have to wait for latecomers to arrive, this will disrupt the flow of the event and we will have to end at the same time in order reset and accommodate the next party.  

Is gratuity included in the price?

A 20% service charge is added to all party packages.  

How do we sign the mandatory waivers? How are waivers for our party guests handled?

Due to our insurance requirements, executed waivers are required for guest participation. You will receive a clickable link in your confirmation email directing you to our online smart waiver or you can visit the forms with this link. Please note that we do run on a tight schedule, and prefer to not handle waivers at the studio. The waiver must be signed by A PARENT for all minors (no caretakers of any kind may execute a waiver for a minor). If any guests have not completed a waiver, they will not be able to participate in the event. If you are hosting a party, please help as best you can to insure that your guest’s waivers are completed in advance.

Can I bring decorations, themed paper goods, and my own birthday cake for a party?

We will provide a table for gifts and you may decorate however you wish.  You may bring balloons.  Please do not attach anything to our walls.  As the children are working on the tables, no tabletop decorations are permitted.  We provide the children with plates and silverware to eat what they create. You may bring an outside birthday cake and themed paper plates if you’d like.  We will provide traditional birthday candles. Our team will prepare the birthday blowout and cut and serve the cake. We do offer an option for the children to decorate cupcakes instead of a birthday cake, a fun activity that we strongly recommend. They are here to cook and bake, after all!

What is your cancellation/rescheduling/no show policy?

There are no refunds on booked events.  Final head counts are due 5 days in advance.  If you have to add an additional child after the final headcount was given, you must contact the studio to see if this can be accommodated.  Day of party walk-ins are not permitted.  We shop for supplies, set up the room and have proper staff scheduled in order to service the event.  We do not adjust for no shows the day of the event.  You will be billed for final headcount that was provided 5 days ahead of the event.  

What should kids wear?

Keep those piggies covered! Closed-toe shoes are preferred, and ponytails or hair pulled back. We will have aprons available, but kids should wear comfortable clothing that can get messy.

Can I bring outside food/drinks for chaperones?

Outside food and beverage is not permitted.  We have appetizers available for purchase for your chaperones. We offer a beverage station with iced tea, lemonade, or fruit-infused water, for an additional charge. We also have wine and beer available for purchase. If you would like to provide wine or beer to your chaperones, a cash bar is always available, you may purchase drink tickets in advance or we can run a tab for the entire event. 

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